Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Dragon's Way may be the wrong way - for now, anyway

After seeing a Naturopathic doctor, who suspects I have both Hypothyroidism and Hypochlorhydria (all those Hypos!), I've decided that this is probably the wrong time to start The Dragon's Way program.

There's a strong emphasis in this program on fruits and vegetables. Well, that oughta be fine, right? Yeah, for most people. But those are just the foods that have been playing havoc with my digestive system!

I may try The Dragon's Way in the future, when these other issues are under control. As I mentioned in my first post, my main reason for trying The Dragon's Way was not so much to lose weight but to gain energy.

For anyone who was watching this blog to see how the diet worked, I apologize.

Meanwhile, the blog will stay up, but with a different focus.

Pretty soon I'll explain what Hypochlorhydria is. You should know, because it's suprisingly common for something you've probably never heard of. And I'll offer the basics on the official diagnosis, the treatment, and how it's all going.

Until then...



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