Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Rosacea: Good Skin Care Products

I have rosacea. That's when your facial skin is reddish and easily irritated. My skin is reddish to the left and right of my nose, but not all the way to my cheeks. And I have broken capillaries.

I found a very useful forum that includes reviews of skin care products. As the result of these groups, I found two excellent, reasonably priced skin care products. One is a cleanser, the other a toner. While I love Clinique products, I found that the toner they recommended for me felt really drying. Now that I'm in my forties, I'm not willing to use that toner.

My new products:

Good Skin All Calm Creamy Cleanser


Good Skin All Calm Soothing Toner

I found the names a bit confusing, so here's a breakdown: Good Skin is the brand, and All Calm is that brand's line of products for red, irritated skin.

I've used them for at least a month by now, and I like them both. The toner doesn't feel dry, and my skin has only broken out when I've used other products with these products. When I only use these two products, my skin looks relatively good. The rosacea is still there, but it's not as prominent as it can be, and my skin doesn't break out.

You can only get these products at Kohl's Department Stores, either at the store or online. You can order them and/or find the stores closest to you at:


You can find reviews of lots more skin care products, along with other resources, at the Rosacea Group website:


Hope this is helpful to some of you out there!


Hypchlorhydria Update

Geez, it's a good thing I'm writing this blog. Or I wouldn't even know how long I've been dealing with this hypochlorhydria! It's May 1, and I haven't written in two months! Sorry about that.

Here's the update: I've been forgetting to take the pills. But Dr. Beaty says that's okay, it means they're working and I'm needing less of them.

My energy has been up and down. A lot of it has to do with the weather though.

I plan to get more conscientious about taking the pills though.

Or maybe I need to ask Dr. Beaty about my forgetfulness! ;-)

I'll keep you "posted" - literally! In fact, I'd better get more conscientious about this blog.

Next up: Skin care products for people with Rosacea