Friday, January 19, 2007

A cold, snowy January week ushers in Preparation Week…

And I sure hate it! The cold always gets to me and this week it is really doing a number on me.

As I mentioned before, I’m more concerned about healing my fatigue problem than losing weight. So a week like this, which is making me more fatigued than usual, is really bugging me.

I’m feeling ineffectual, which is making me feel guilty, which is making me feel … well you know, it’s one of those vicious downward spirals. So I’ll just have to spin that spiral back in the other direction.

Good thing Preparation Week is so easy! I need to:

  • Buy a notebook
  • Review the list of healing foods and recipes and shop for those foods
  • Gradually cut meat, fish, fowl, and cheese from my meals.
  • Learn the 10th qigong movement
  • Relax and rest

I really like that last one. ;-)

I’ve been practicing the first 8 qigong movements. Today I did all 10 along with the video, so I’m learning #10.

I’m not much of a meat eater, and it won’t be too hard to cut those foods from my diet. Keep in mind, this is just for seven weeks. In fact, Dr. Lu (the developer of the program) lists salmon, shrimp, tuna, and other seafood as beneficial. So don’t think you’ll have to give up these foods permanently if you use The Dragon’s Way.

In fact, Dr. Lu discourages people from feeling guilty about what they eat. He claims that this healing program will bring your body into balance so that after the program you can eat whatever you want, and you’re not likely to want unhealthy food. I hope he’s right.

I have yet to shop for healthy foods or a notebook, but I’ve gotten really good at relaxing and resting. ;-)

In my next entry, I plan to discuss the qigong movements that are a part of this program, as Dr. Lu says they are central to its success.



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