Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Devilish Indulgence or Health Food?

My son often says he wishes ice cream were healthy food. I agree. But I found something that's almost as good as ice cream and completely qualifies as health food!

What is this amazing and delicious discovery?

Fat-free Greek yogurt.

It's got a ton of protein, no fat, no sugar, and eating it is a lot like eating sour cream straight from the carton. This is very different from the yogurt you're used to, which makes for a nice, healthy dessert, but doesn't have nearly as much protein. This stuff has, if I remember correctly, 20 grams in one cup!

My son won't get much joy out of this, but I've gotten plenty. My biggest problem is that others seem to be catching on. I used to go to Trader Joe's and get three 16-ounce cartons at a time, then four because I was eating them so fast.

Lately when I got to Trader Joe's, they're all out. I'm told it comes in on Tuesday (hey, that's today, I should stop writing this and get over there!).

Anyway, this stuff can get pretty expensive, but I only like the cheap stuff, thank goodness. And it is the Trader Joe's brand, although TJ's does have the more established brands. Trader Joe's 0% fat Greek yogurt costs $3 a carton, while the other brands can cost up to twice as much.

Okay, do yourself a favor and enjoy this amazing treat; meanwhile, I've got to get over to TJ's and grab me five or six cartons. ;-)


P.S. Thanks to my naturopath, Dr. Janet Beaty, for recommending Greek yogurt to me, and for the tip about getting it at Trader Joe's. I never even knew Greek yogurt existed until she told me!