Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Diagnosis: Hypochlorhydria

Sorry for the long delay between posts. Being a single mom keeps me very busy!

Yes, I do have hypochlorhydria, and I find that when I remember to take my hydrochloric acid pills I feel better and have less gas.

I also learned that my fear of salt has been creating a health problem for me. Dr. Beaty, the naturopathic physician I've been seeing, suspected I had hypothyroidism. My main symptom was intolerance to cold. I took the blood test and was borderline.

She recommended that I first try adding iodized salt to my diet, as an iodine deficiency can lead to hypothyroidism. I had been avoiding it as I had heard salt leaches calcium from the body. And "they" say we all get enough salt because there is so much in processed foods. But I've been avoiding processed foods.

Think all salt has iodine? Think again. Be sure to use some salt if you're not eating salted foods. And be sure that the label states that the salt contains iodine.

That means some of us natural food fans may want to get some good old-fashioned Morton's.

Nutrition sure is confusing.

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