Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Salmon and Alzheimers

This article made me feel better about the amount of money I spend on salmon (I buy it weekly because both my son and I love it and because I know it's so healthy).

Yesterday I spent a whopping $11 a pound for wild Alaskan salmon, and that was the sale price! I was so glad to see it though. We usually only have farm-raised Atlantic salmon.

There's a good reason to prefer Alaskan salmon, and I used to know what it was, but I forgot (anyone who remembers, please post a comment!). I'm swamped with freelance work right now or I'd look it up.

This particular article is particularly meaningful to me because my mom has Alzheimer's. It stinks.

By the way, I found this article through an email newsletter I get from Chet Day. You'll get a chance to subscribe when you click on the link (in fact, your chance will pop up in your face, which I hate, but the article is worth that inconvenience).

I hope you find this article helpful.