Monday, June 15, 2015

Another Great Root Canal

Okay, it's not like having a root canal is my favorite thing to do. In this case, though, I had been in a lot of pain. The root canal was not that horrible and once the Novocain wore off, my mouth felt better than it had in weeks.

Although I've recommended Dr. Richard Bush in Burlington, MA, in the past, and I continue to heartily recommend him, I did go to another endodontist. My wonderful dentist, Dr. Valentina Pasquantonio, retired. She passed her practice along to Dr. Bridget Mackey, who continues to take great care of my teeth.

Dr. Mackey recommended Dr. Ayman Aboushala in Framingham, MA. He and his staff put me at ease and, although the procedure took a while - as it does - it went smoothly and painlessly. That evening and the next day, I forgot to take the ibuprofen that I'd been relying on for weeks!

So yes, I had yet another great root canal. If you find you need a root canal, don't worry. Just find a highly rated endodontist and you'll be just fine.

To your health,